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Products and services

Business assets

Comprehensive cover for business interruption, theft, office contents, goods in transit etc.

Buildings combined

Non-manufacturing building risk cover for offices, flats, hotels, and hospitals.

Commercial and cyber crimes

Indemnity against physical loss, damage to property, theft by computer crime/fraud, theft of the insured’s funds and dishonest acts by an employee.


Get cover for financial loss accrued from the contractor (principal debtor) defaulting on contractual obligations.


Cover for engineering risks involving machinery, computers, electronics, construction and more.


Cover for crop loss or weather-related damage and protection for damage to buildings and farming equipment.

Marine and aviation

Provides cover against cargo loss or damage during sea or air transport. This may include general average and salvage charges.

Film and entertainment

Insurance that meets the needs of filmmakers, broadcasters, or anyone in the business of professional entertainment.


Cover that meets the needs of hospitality establishments including hotels, motels, B&Bs, resorts, guest houses, campgrounds, caravan parks and backpackers, lodges, and nature reserves.

Trade credit

Financial protection for manufacturers, traders, and service providers against late or unpaid commercial trade debt. In the event of late or non-payment from a buyer, the trade credit insurance policy will pay out a portion of the outstanding debt.


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