Losses incurred through uninsured goods can eat away at your finances and ultimate wealth creation. Let us assist with the assessment of your exposure to losses and determine your unique insurance and risk management needs. With an in-depth knowledge of all the major short-term insurance companies and specialist underwriting agencies, we provide you with tailor-made solutions encompassing the best service and value.

For those with existing cover placed with other short-term brokerages or companies, re-brokering is available to ascertain whether existing premiums are competitive for the cover provided, and where necessary, to obtain more competitive premiums.

A robbery, a road accident, a wild fire or water damage from a burst geyser… life’s curve balls always hit at the worst time. So take some time now to find the best possible insurance cover. If you are already covered, there’s a big chance your cover no longer fits like it should, or is not as cost-effective as it could be. At no cost to you, our specialists can make sure your cover is just that – real cover against the unexpected rainy days.

– Andres Meszarich


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