Customised solutions for high-net-worth individuals

What is Wealth Management?

More than simply investment advice, Wealth Management includes all facets of an individual’s financial path. Instead of accepting advice from multiple sources and trying various products, high-net-worth individuals are more likely to benefit from a holistic financial approach.

Proficient at managing the personal wealth of these individuals, our Private Wealth specialists are experts in the field and provide an unparalleled level of service.

Wealth Management generally involves the investment of wealth over different platforms, so we advise on and create an investment strategy to accumulate wealth for future goals and financial security.

The Hereford Group offers Multiple solutions for investment and Wealth Management such as…

  • Long and short-term investment and savings products
  • Retirement savings products
  • Offshore investment products

These products are monitored and reviewed by Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers who ensure that the funds in which our clients invest are selected in accordance with the client’s risk profile and that they remain productive.