We fully understand the unique challenges that brokers face and through our brokerage, Hampshire, we offer a range of services uniquely designed to make your life as a broker simpler. We help you to work smarter too – so you can better serve your clients whilst always remaining on top of your certification and compliance admin.

Integrated Partners

Any business goes through a series of growth spurts and, while the ultimate objective of any business is to grow, this is not always economically viable. It is at this stage that many Brokers start considering mergers or joining larger more established operations, or networks, especially when there are guarantees of possible ownership and profit share.
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Integrated Associates

For some, a partnership is not an option. Much like the Integrated Partner however, growth becomes a challenge especially when one is wanting to embrace new, unexplored, and possibly expensive business offerings. These areas include specialist corporate benefits, medical aid, high net-worth investment advice and actuarial support, as well as short-term offerings.
Pleasure Craft Insurance


Recent instability again brought into sharp focus that it is no longer ‘business as usual’ for Financial Advisors as independents or part of a tied operation. As advisers ourselves, we understand that there is a good chance that you are seeking opportunities to add value and streamline your business whilst ensuring a measurable succession plan. Partner with Hereford Group to stabilise both your client’s businesses and your own.
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