A generation of wealth builders could change a nation

On June 16th, every year, we commemorate our National Youth Day. We remember a generation of our youth that made their contribution, so determinedly and bravely, to the eventual demise of the previous apartheid regime. We salute them and say they should never be forgotten.
Today in our rainbow nation we celebrate all of our youth and through the words of the song ‘The greatest love of all’ we echo the sentiments that say ‘’I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them find their way…”

Well, the emphasis here is on teaching them well because they certainly are our future, and the youth of our future will have to face different kinds of enemies like viruses, corruption and economic uncertainties.

A generation of wealth builders

Let’s face it, we need to create a younger generation of those who will help this country to build its economic wealth. Whether their choice is to be employed individuals or Entrepreneurs (who should be greatly encouraged) they need to be, from the day they earn their first buck, educated to be wealth builders.

So how do we do that? Well, one of the biggest problems we face is that many of our youth are simply not taught some elementary basics of wealth building at a young age, so perhaps we as the older generation (anyone out of their teens!) could try to pass on these four simple cornerstones of building a wealth portfolio to them… or as they say in Social Media terms, let’s share it!

Budget to save

From day one our youth need to be taught to budget, not just to have a budget, but to have a budget that takes all eventualities into account and especially allows for some saving!

Invest to grow

It is also not enough to save by simply putting your money in the bank. Currently, bank interest rates don’t even keep up with inflation. Astute investments that are flexible, long term and save on taxes can all be made with the help of a good Financial Advisor.
Prepare, protect and plan for the future

The three ‘P’s we have often spoken about are all part of this building process. We all need to think short term and be prepared for the unexpected and protected against it, so our invested wealth is not compromised, and we need to think long term too – like planning for retirement.

Seek Financial Advice and long term guidance!

Most importantly everyone seeking to embark on a course of wealth-building needs the advice and guidance of professionals in the field of wealth creation with whom they can build a lasting relationship and have their portfolio professionally managed all along the way.

Hereford Group is vested in empowering individuals with a diverse range of financial services that cover the full spectrum of their unique requirements. Whether our focus is on growing, managing, or preserving wealth, our services are individualised to cater for your particular needs. It’s this kind of personalised focus that sets us apart from the rest and sets you up for genuine financial freedom right now and in years to come.

Talk to us and together let’s create wealth and work on how we can contribute to the economy of our country and the education of our youth. After all, a generation of wealth builders could change a nation!

Stay safe – and stay positive.


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