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Richard Lindes

“My Hereford advisor has been my trusted friend and insurance broker for 30 years and has helped me navigate my financial requirements when starting out in business.
He has seen me build companies, enter partnerships, sell businesses, lose businesses, start another, and another, have a daughter, go from skinny to diabetic, and back again through endless cycling and great laughter. He’s been at my hospital bed and pushed me over many finishing lines too. He was never there to just share life’s successes, but has stood by me with support and advice during the tough times too.
He’s provided life cover, partnership insurance, provident funds, RAs, investments and everything else in-between. Never been late for a meeting and never tried to hard-sell me on anything.

The fruit of his life speaks for itself — Kind, Helpful, Honest, Courteous, Willing, Engaging, Can do, Will do, Great listener, Knowledgeable, Successful.

Anyone looking to emulate his success need only apply some of his attributes to succeed in life, family and business.

Stijn Smolders

“For the past 4 years my Hereford advisor has been my financial advisor, both personally and professionally to the company I am a director of. The information and direction he provides is always very clear and he has an amazing talent to make perceived complicated matters sound a lot simpler. Besides that his approach is a very personal one and I feel I could trust him with all my financial matters, his recommendations are objective and I feel he has me and my employees’ best interests at heart.

The past year has been a stressful one and during this difficult time his guidance and attention to my financial wellbeing was much appreciated. I look forward to continue working with him in the years to come.

Sprout Performance Partners (Pty) Ltd.'”

Tony Abrahall

“My Hereford adviser has really taken care of my finances over the past 20 years giving me expert advice with a genuine interest for my financial well-being. He has always separated our friendship from business relationship and remains the consummate professional, regularly scheduling quarterly reviews and guiding me to ensure I am always getting the best returns on my investments. I have nothing but praise for him and he truly deserves all the success he has enjoyed through his hard work, his ethics and just his modest approach to all he does.

Executive Director”

Dale Isaac

“My Hereford adviser is a very positive and energetic person as most of you will already know. He always looks at the positives rather than the negatives. His attitude towards his life, clients and family shines through even during the past 12 months with so many lows happening everywhere in the world. He managed to assist us in growing our investments and protecting myself and my family against any unforeseen circumstances. His constant updates from a personal aspect with our policies just shows how invested he is in each of his clients, always wanting the best.

Sales Director”

Dieter Dolinschek

“My Hereford adviser took over my portfolio in April 2019 when I was preparing to retire (in October) I had a number of investments and property at the time and he advised me how best to consolidate them, draw what I could tax free etc. and seamlessly sorted that all out.
During the year he set up a quarterly spreadsheet report that he sends me showing how my investments are performing, and I was seriously impressed that they were gaining in value, the complete opposite of what I expected.
My wife and I are seriously impressed with the way he has dealt with our investments, always available to discuss whats happening, give good advice and best of all allowed our investment to grow, despite the financial turmoil Covid has brought.
As a retired couple we are totally dependant on that and him looking after us the way he has is allowing us to enjoy our “golden years” and not have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.


Arlene Mania

My Hereford financial adviser has been my personal financial advisor since April 2012. He came highly recommended and I have come to rely on him and to trust his advice over the years. He has looked after my portfolio and steered me in the right direction towards my retirement which became a reality at the end of last year; the year of the Covid19 pandemic which presented us with a series of harsh lockdowns and restrictions which resulted in so much uncertainty, financial distress and economic anxiety for a multitude of people not only in our country, but worldwide.
As I approached retirement at the end of 2020, certain important decisions needed to be made and I kept in contact with him through Zoom meetings and email correspondence where he gave me advice and explained my options going forward. He has a way of putting things into language which is easily understandable for people not familiar with all the financial terminology and legislation. The content is informative and easily navigated. The articles featured are topical and informative.
We cannot all be experts and have all-encompassing knowledge about everything in life and this is where caring and informed advisors come into play. Helping us to find and access smart and innovative ways to manage our money is vital to our happiness and maintaining a satisfactory lifestyle as we enter our latter years. The saving and planning journey is a long term one and good advice and careful management are the keys to preparing us for the time in our lives after gainful employment ends.


“I met my Hereford financial adviser in 2018. At the time I was going through trauma and I needed a financial advisor. I gave my company a letter to go on early retirement. He interceded and assisted me to rather go on disability because of how ill I was at the time. He did not give up when the company did not want to complete the documents. To date he is still assisting me with all my financial matters. He is a wonderful friendly determined person who only wants the best for his client and he always wins no matter what. His work is His passion.

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We understand that you’re different. Your financial reality, fears, hopes and dreams are unique to you or your business. So before we advise — we listen! With over a quarter century of dynamic wealth creation, management and preservation, Hereford Group is more passionate about the facilitation of customised financial freedom for all our valued clients than ever before.


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