Dispelling medical concerns is all about good cover

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic has released the steely grip it had on our country for most of last year and we are now well into level 1 restrictions and the roll-out of the preventative vaccine. We are, however, far from being able to be complacent and we all need to remain vigilant and compliant with mandatory procedures.

What many of us may be reflecting on right now is whether we feel that we got through this pandemic with adequate protection in place. Did those who became seriously ill have adequate medical aid that covered all costs?

Did those who lost their jobs as a result of extended illness, and more commonly those in their own business who lost income due to illness, have adequate protection against such losses?

Sadly and tragically many families who lost loved ones who were breadwinners, found that their families were not adequately covered to continue as before without the person they had lost.

Something that is always with us

We can’t blame the pandemic alone for the fact that these kinds of issues arose either. This CORONA-19 virus is just one of many illnesses from which people become seriously ill and succumb to all the time.

Simply getting into our cars to go to work we are at risk and this is one of the highest statistical risks of fatalities of all. Simply put, whether we like it or not, the likelihood of having to deal with some kind of illness, or medical issue resulting from some source or another is with us all the time.

What is the solution?

If the pandemic brought one thing home to us it is that we can only protect ourselves to a certain extent and the unexpected can always happen. What is in our control however is to minimise the damage when it does. Simply put, dispelling medical concerns is all about good cover!

Peace of mind is attained by putting the right plans in place to ensure that when life happens you and your family can continue without being totally derailed. A good medical aid plan designed to meet your specific needs, dread disease cover, disability cover, income protection and of course effective life insurance from which your family can benefit, are all designed to afford you the best protection possible.

Consult the experts

Hereford Group has for over 25 years been dealing with assisting people to ensure that their medical risk and the collateral damage resulting from it is minimalised if not entirely eradicated.

We understand and focus on the fact that everyone is an individual and every business has differing needs, but we all face certain common elements. Our specialist Financial Advisors are trained to include all the risk protection that you need within every well-structured wealth portfolio.

However, without your health the fortunes you amass will mean little, so look after yourselves, stay alert and stay safe – and talk to us – We’ve always got your back!


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