Insure to ensure a stress free vacation!

After the kind of issues we have had to endure over the last year (which followed on from one of the most difficult years in recent history) about the last thing we want is to allow our holiday this year to be stress filled as well.

We have had the pandemic which engendered a difficult economic downturn, job losses and the turmoil of adapting to an unfamiliar working environment. We have had load shedding which has thrown us into the dark and interfered with online meetings and production in our factories.

We had the horrendous events in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng that had us questioning our security and we have recently had yet another astronomical petrol price hike which will no doubt send prices rocketing across the board. Do we need a stress-free vacation this year? – you bet we do!

Leaving less to chance means less to stress about

Just as we ensure we have our visas in check and all our covid protocols in place if we are winging our way to foreign lands, and we have our motor vehicles serviced and safety checked if we are going to hit the open road (all vitally important things to do) we also need to create a checklist on the insurances we have in place to protect us against the things that could go wrong during this time.

By now we should be accepting the fact that the unexpected invariably does happen and to have peace of mind, we merely need to be ready for it. So, think about it – what do you need to insure to ensure a stress-free vacation? It starts at home, includes the journey and of course the holiday itself.

The home

Just as you make sure your alarm is working and backed up, hopefully, get a house sitter (the best idea if possible) or a neighbour to set out and take in your bins and collect post etc. Have you ensured that you are insured at least for fire and theft? These are the 2 most common areas of concern when people are away, and entire households have been cleaned out by professional thieves. Talk to our expert short term brokers to get you the best deals with the maximum coverage.

On the road

The death toll on the roads every year is a grim reminder of the fact that the road is a hazardous place to be at this time of year particularly in peak periods. Just as you know to keep your following distance, drive within the speed limit, rest regularly and most importantly have patience – you should also have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is covered against accidental damages or breakdown and you and your family, of course, are covered too.

Our short-term cover can take care of the vehicle but do be covered too for personal injury, potential loss of income in the case of a bad accident and none of us like to think about it but we do also need to do a check on or life insurance and update our wills before going on leave.

At the destination

You may fancy yourself as a fit, sporty type and of course, we all want to get out on the waves or into the air to get that feeling of freedom that relieves us from the stressful year we’ve had.

We say go for it – but do it with the peace of mind of having the same accident cover, income protection and life cover that you need on the journey. For these last two, you can consult with one of our expert Financial Advisors who can ensure that personal and family protection is a part of your wealth-building profile, as it should be.

To be stress-free takes peace of mind

This article is not written to put you off having a great vacation or doing any of the things you love to do, but merely to remind you that your insurance checklist is as important as any of your other safety protocols.

Whether we care to admit it or not, it is what we fear that stops most of us from leading stress-free lives – so let Hereford Group assist you to insure to ensure a stress-free vacation! You deserve it – So, happy holidays and travel safely!


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