Is the ‘state’ of anything simply about choices?

With the recent debacle at the ‘State of the Nation’ address, the budget speech now completed and a celebration this month of Human rights day, one can’t help but feel that there is a common thread that seems to follow the results and outcomes relating to all these – and that is one of ‘choice.’

We are blessed to have free choice, but so often we don’t make the right choices and the consequences can be telling and long lasting. We are not by any means in this article passing judgement, but merely observing how significant making good or bad choices can be and then relate it making financial ones.

The state of our nation

Going right back in history to Sharpeville, the origin of what we now celebrate as Human Rights Day, it can certainly be said that the South African Police of the Apartheid era made the wrong choice by firing live ammunition into a crowd of essentially peaceful protesters.

Fortunately the long term results of the carnage experienced that day had positive results in that it gave a platform to the plight of people of colour in this country, through the international media and it is said by many that it heralded the beginning of the end of the Apartheid era. The fact of the matter though, is that it was a series of consequences set off by certain choices. In most cases very bad ones.

It could be said at the ‘state of the Nation’ address 2020, had some other choices been made earlier in the proceedings we may not have been subjected to such a prolonged and embarrassing delay. Once proceedings were underway we heard, as we did with the budget speech that was to follow, of many financial solutions that had to be found to issues that, truth be told, might well have not escalated to the point of needing rescuing had better financial choices been made in the first place!
From a financial point of view at least we appear to find ourselves in a difficult situation as a country at this time, but it need not be an excuse for any individual or business to lie down and surrender. Yes we have 29% unemployment and yes redundancy in the corporate world is rampant, but this simply tells us that the economic future of South Africa lies in the hands of the Entrepreneur.

What is the ‘state’ of your finances?’

Perhaps you are one of those Entrepreneurs, one of the brave individuals that have set up a business of your own with the intention of making a difference and surviving in the way that you best know how.

Whether this is the case, or you are managing to hold your own in that rather tenuous corporate world, when you get down to analysing your own financial wellbeing, it seems that this too largely rests on the choices we make. To begin with we make the vital choice of whether we indeed wish to build wealth for the long term, or simply spend as we earn and throw caution to the wind.

As Financial Advisors we have seen the sad results of those who didn’t adequately cover themselves for life’s unforeseen twists and turns, or provide for their family’s future. The individual and especially the Entrepreneur need to make some important choices with regards to insurances, cash flow, assets and long term investments.

Choose professional advice

These vital choices which, if not made under advisement, have seen the shattering of many hopes and dreams of a future that offers security and stability. You cannot be expected to know everything about the complicated world of insurance and investments, so the best choice, at the outset, is to choose to partner with a qualified Financial Advisor.

Hereford Group have over 25 years of making the right choices for their clients because, unlike others, we understand that every individual, Entrepreneur and corporate entity is entirely different. Speak to a Financial Specialist Advisor today to begin your own path of wealth and peace of mind – based on good choices!


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