Make the right medical aid decisions to protect your financial future

November is always a great month to be alive – Spring is melting into summer; we’re booking year-end vacations and all over the place and you see men suddenly sprouting ridiculous moustaches!

Generally, this sudden desire to grow a ‘Mo is due to the global initiative of ‘Movember’ which sees men challenge each other to grow the best one – and the proceeds all go to worthwhile charities supporting prostate cancer – and other serious men’s health issues.

Sobering facts

According to a Men’s Health article, In South Africa alone (A drop in the ocean when viewed in global terms) ‘1 in every 23 South African men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. On average 5 South African men die from prostate cancer every day and more than 4,300 South African men are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. This is just prostate cancer – and testicular cancer and heart disease are also common men’s health issues.’

It is not only Men who have specific illnesses which are their nemesis either. Last month we were all made fully aware of the significant impact of breast cancer in women. The SA Government say “The incidence of breast cancer is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among women in South Africa. It is the most prevalent cancer amongst white and Asian women and the second most common cancer among black and coloured women.’’

Add to these sobering facts about cancers the incredible impact a totally unexpected viral pandemic like COVID-19 had on so many people of both genders certainly makes one realise that the right medical cover is not just nice to have but an absolutely vital addition to every family’s budget. Without it, the impact of any of these illnesses could totally erode your wealth profile and badly affect your future.

Making the right decision

It is vital in our opinion that the decision to choose the right medical aid is best left in the hands of professionals who can walk you through the maze of choices that are available to ascertain what will be right for you and your family.

So much needs to be taken into account; Understanding the details of their plans and the nightmare of communicating through call centres to contest claims, as well as complex and constantly changing legislation, all make choosing the right health cover tricky.

Bridging the gap

You also need to remember that some medical practitioners charge up to five times the going medical aids rates so ‘gap cover’ which bridges the shortfalls that so many people are stung by after the event is also essential and our Medical Advisors can assist you with this.

We partner with the best

Hereford Group partners with Hampshire Independent advisors, one of the best in the industry, who accommodate both individual and group memberships and are renowned for developing healthcare strategies that prioritise your needs!

Their personal, individualised service helps you to decide which medical aid or gap cover plan best suits your requirements and with more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, they fully explain the benefits of each plan and help you find the right options.

Contact us today and make sure you make the right medical aid decisions to protect your financial future! Stay safe – and grow those ‘Mo’s bros!


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