The ‘Mo’ that reminds us to examine our financial wellness

Quite a lot has been about ‘Movember’ and we ourselves have done so in the past. It is always worth talking about, however, because it is a fine initiative and its rate of growth certainly has been a phenomenal story.

This article, however, takes a slightly different slant on the subject and we look at the significance of observing our health as a crucial part of our ultimate wealth planning. After all, health and your finances, whether you care to admit it or not, are inextricably linked.

What’s ‘Mo’ all about?

For those whose heads may have been buried in the sand in the past few years and are wondering why we keep spelling November with an ‘M’ – a brief re-cap. ‘Mo’vember is held in November of every year because this happened to be the month when a group of Aussies took a bar bet to see who would grow the best moustache within a certain period.

More joined in the following year and – and it was then decided that the bets (now becoming a significant amount) could raise funds for a worthy cause. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australian was the first recipient of funds raised for prostate cancer and as the initiatives grew and started to take off globally the funds raised began to include other men’s health issues like testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

Health and wealth are inextricably linked

In 1860 Ralph Waldo Emerson the American Author and philosopher said: “The first wealth is health.” Financial motivation guru Anthony Robbins whose books have sold millions said: “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

If the COVID-19 pandemic should have taught us anything it is that life is unpredictable and tenuous. As far too many found out, we need to always be looking to protection to have preservation and ultimately be able to enjoy the wealth we are planning and building.

Movember is not designed simply to support those who have fallen victim to men’s health issues, but to be a constant reminder that our health is precious and that we need to preserve it for our sakes, our family and yes, ultimately our financial wellness too!

What’s the plan?

Regular testing – From a health point of view, from the age of 40 and over, ensure you have regular medicals and get tested if any signs of prostate appear in your blood tests. Prevention is always the best form of protection – and this extends into your long term financial plans too…

Health cover – The right health cover will ensure you are protected against any unforeseen events and that you get to see the right doctor or specialist promptly. You won’t have to travel far or have to wait for a long time to receive the appropriate treatments.

Dread disease cover – This is important. As dread diseases are no longer necessarily a death sentence – recovery is good, but treatment is costly. – Lump-sum cover of medical costs is a great help, as not all specialist fall under medical aid approved rates.

Income protection – Protecting your monthly income has become essential in a time when we are dealing with such radical fluctuations in economies and, as the pandemic illustrated, sometimes entirely unexpected health issued too.

Life Cover – An unfortunate reality is that some of us succumb to dread diseases and we are never sure if or when it might happen. To protect our families and their long term financial wellness, life cover is essential but is paid only on death.

A tribute to the ‘Mo’ growers

Hereford Group pays tribute to all who are growing moustaches this month in support of these important men’s health issues. We hope this article has been helpful to remind us all that whatever we are faced with we are all unique and we will all have different outcomes, but one thing is common for all of us, the better we protect ourselves the more likely we are to preserve ourselves – and our wealth.
We can only remind you to look out for your health, but we can guarantee your financial wellness – if you trust us to do so. Contact a Financial Advisor for a no-obligation consultation today – and hey – keep growing those ‘Mo’s!


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