Tip the scales in your favour this annual vacation

Life is filled with risk. From the moment we first open our eyes to the moment we finally close them when we have run our race, we face risk every day. Unfortunately even the good times, those times we most look forward to, carry some risk and vacations are one of them.

The fact that a vacation away usually involves not being home to protect what’s ours, travel risks and being in unfamiliar surroundings all play a part in this. We at Hereford Group are about building wealth for people and ensuring that those who avoid risk enjoy their golden years, but a wealth portfolio is also about assisting you to be prepared for and be protected against the unexpected.

Here are a few tips, or simply reminders to help you to tip the scales in your favour this annual vacation…

Be prepared

Before you go

Ensure you either have a house sitter or inform your security company and your neighbours when you’ll be away. Ask whoever is still around to empty bins and remove the post left lying around – or any other signs that you are away. Leave some outside lights on and ensure everything is locked and secured.
Prepare for the road by ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and properly prepared for a long trip. Have a safety check done and check tyres (as well as the spare tyre) and your fuel gauge to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

On the road

This is probably the highest risk time for you and your family’s well-being. Unfortunately, we are reminded every year that the road death toll over peak holiday seasons is extensive and we definitely don’t want you to become yet another of those shocking statistics as you ‘ride into the danger zone!’

Remember once again it’s about being prepared. Having ensured the safety of your vehicle, get sufficient sleep before embarking on the journey and plan your trip to include regular breaks – no more than 2 hours without stopping if driving is not shared.
No doubt you have heard all this before but please, don’t even think of drinking and driving throughout the vacation and remember impatience and speed are the other big killers. Make up your mind before you go that you are in no hurry. Remember as a parent you are responsible for the lives of precious cargo.

At your destination

Remember when in a strange place you become a target for those in the know. Wear minimal jewellery and carry minimal cash when you go out. Also, keep items locked in the boot of the car.

Get advice from locals or your hotel concierge as to where it is safe to go and when out avoid quiet streets or being alone. Remain vigilant at all times.

Be protected

Visit your Hereford Group Financial Advisor to ensure you are up to speed in all forms of necessary protection for your household and assets, you and of course your family. Make sure your household and vehicle insurances are up to date to protect your assets, but more importantly protect you and your family with life cover in case the worst should happen – and income and disability protection in case of an accident that leaves you unable to work for some time.

At Hereford Group we are only too happy to assist you with any necessary preparation and protection that you need to have in place. At the end of the day we, as much as you, want you and your family safe so we can continue to assist you to build your wealth and live that full, rewarding life that you so richly deserve.
Have a terrific vacation and a blessed, peaceful holiday season!


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