Will your holiday of a lifetime become a lifetime of holidays?

Once again, our COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed a little just prior to the Easter holidays and many of us, a little more cautiously than before the second wave, will be gingerly dipping our toes back in the water as we enjoy the family vacation.

Some of us will be just visiting family and friends as budgets are tight – and some may even be winging their way to exotic destinations because we were a little more astute in our financial planning and managed to see the worst of the pandemic through quite comfortably.

A few of us will even be experiencing the proverbial ‘holiday of a lifetime’ because despite the pandemic we had a good year – and yes, believe it or not, there are plenty who are in that position.

Whatever your circumstances are right now, however, almost all of us will have had to struggle a bit to get the time out of our busy schedules to take a vacation. For many of us, during our most productive years holidays are a luxury and one of the great ironies of life is that those who can most afford to take holidays can usually least afford the time to do so!

Take time to consider taking holidays for a lifetime

So, assuming you have made the time and the money, while you are enjoying your holiday of a lifetime this Easter, take a little time to ponder if when you have all the time in the world – will you still have the money to take great vacations?

In a recent article we drew attention to the 10X South African retirement reality report 2020, that makes it ominously clear that due to lack of savings, planning, ignorance of the realities of the value of money in the future and worst of all sheer complacency, very few South Africans will retire with even enough money to live on – let alone have money to take real holidays.

Wealth planning requires maintenance

Just like you need those annual vacations to ensure your health and wellbeing, your future rests on working constantly with your wealth planning specialist to ensure your wealth portfolio is up to date and in a healthy condition.

The creation of wealth is just the beginning. The strategising and structure of a wealth plan that takes all eventualities (like the recent pandemic) into account and plans a solid future around astute investments requires constant review.

Hereford group’s value proposition for the individual focuses on what products in every client’s portfolio needs and most of these need to be reviewed on an annual basis. Personal financial planning, Investment Management, Estate Planning, Domestic insurances and Fiduciary services can all be obtained through your Hereford Group of Financial Advisors, who will advise you on when and what needs to be constantly upgraded.

Wealth creation is a long-term goal which like any other goal needs to be revisited, adapted to current circumstances, and constantly improved upon to ensure your portfolio aligns with what you will need upon retirement.

Talk to one of our knowledgeable, experienced Advisory team today and find out that we don’t sell policies – we assess your unique circumstances and long-term goals and set about turning your holidays of a lifetime into lifelong holidays!


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