Travel checklists should include risk cover too!

Undoubtedly many of you are already planning right now to get some well-earned time away in the December holidays. Time to take the family somewhere peaceful and where you can have some family-fun time to bond together. Let’s face it, we all need this and whatever risk that being away from home and travel itself carries with it, it’s well worth it.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to just make sure that you can go away with the peace of mind of knowing that you are not only covered on the journey by having your vehicle safety-checked and putting travel insurance in place but that you protect your family and possessions against the worst possible scenarios. Simply put, travel checklists should include risk cover too!

Your risk cover checklist

So, what exactly should your risk cover checklist include? Perhaps you’ll find this helpful…

  • Review short-term insurance – While you’re away, both criminals and the elements might just be at play, so ensure your short-term risk cover is adequate in the event of theft or natural disasters – and of course that your vehicle and accident insurance is up to date too. We have an excellent short-term advisory service for both individuals and businesses.
  • Long and medium-term insurance – Every year we are reminded that the road death toll is quite significant and as much as we’d like to believe that we will never be amongst these statistics it can happen. Ensure that you have good Life cover to protect your family and most importantly Income protection too for the possibility that (as is the case in many accidents) you survive but are disabled and cannot continue your work for a time. A very useful reminder is that it is only pension policies with nominated beneficiaries that payout instantly upon your death. With the courts dealing with the wrapping up of estates being so backed up that a minimum of 2 years is expected, it is important to have your beneficiaries in place and up to date in these policies – and also well-structured estate planning to try to avoid additional delays!
  • Wills and Estate Planning – On that point, obviously your Will and Estate Planning need to be up to date too and within the Hereford Group, we have experts in this field. It’s also a very good idea to keep a file of your most important documents in case they are needed and we suggest that you advise close family members and the Executor of your will where this can be found.

Your annual wealth check-up!

Before you go, why not just check in with your Financial Advisor to get assistance with this risk cover checklist and maybe have a good year-end review as well? What have you achieved financially over the past year and where will you be going with it next year? What adjustments can be made to improve things?

Watch this space for a future article on some solid financial resolutions you can make to give you peace of mind and consistent growth in the new year. In the meantime talk to us today to experience the high level of professionalism that every one of Hereford Group’s Financial Advisors is trained and expected to execute in dealing with your unique and specific financial requirements.

Travel safely – and happy holidays!


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