WHY WE ARE unique

The extensive range of products we proudly offer are simply tools to enable us to accomplish what we are truly passionate about – creating wealth for each individual and business we serve.


With a clear understanding that every individual and business have a unique set of circumstances, aspirations and goals, we customise every portfolio regardless of size or requirements to perfectly suit your needs.

We listen before we advise, asking questions before providing solutions, and behind every decision lies rock-solid knowledge of what’s happening on the ground in the world of finance and an acute awareness of new innovations by constantly remaining on the cutting edge of our industry.

We believe our extraordinary success and growth can be attributed to a combination of astute wealth creation, management, and preservation, with a passion for facilitating financial freedom for more than 30 years.


Because we understand that our people are as unique as our clients, instead of expecting everyone to be equally skilled in all areas, we expect them to be experts in at least one area of our business. This has led to the creation of specialist business units that combine to provide optimum all-round financial solutions, every time. Each of these solutions are uniquely and independently structured, complemented by the skills of specialist advisers.

Throughout the nation our dynamic teams remain interactive at every level. As one, we commit to continued learning, honing skills and knowledge to keep pace with an ever-changing industry. We embrace any change that spawns greater efficacy and better returns for our clients.

The Hereford Group with over 30 years’ experience of creating financial freedom and specialised business units, available at any point, provide you with peace of mind and transparency. You will find when partnering with us that from the consultant to the pillar specialist and the CEO, we all adhere to the same value system – to be there for you and remain humble and grounded in all our interactions!

Expect Different Results

Established in February 1995, the Hereford Group has not only survived, but thrived over 30 years of tumultuous markets, experiencing exponential growth across all three major regions of South Africa, namely Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN.