Cancer – prevention and financial protection for women.

In March we are focusing primarily on Women as it is the month in which we celebrate International Women’s Day. We are fully behind the equality of women in every sphere of life and as Financial Advisors, we try to help women have equal footing when it comes to creating and protecting wealth.

Women’s cancers

Not restricted to women but often described as the primary ‘Women’s cancers’ are breast and cervical cancer, two cancers that take a huge toll on the lives of many thousands of women globally. This means that even if they are not fatal (and good prevention and early protection greatly lower the odds of this) they can cause long periods of serious illness, and of course being out of work, which in turn can badly deplete the finances of the woman or her family.

What advice then can we give? Let’s look at it in 2 parts… 

Health protection
As Financial Advisors, we recommend you protect your health with regular check-ups with the medical professionals and so we leave the specifics up to the experts. Of course, in the case of both cancers, lifestyle preventatives are also recommended like not smoking, regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Wealth protection
Equally as important is having preventative measures in place financially in case you are suddenly struck with a critical illness. Dread disease cover will ensure that you get a significant enough payout to not only pay the relevant medical bills not covered by medical aid, but probably enable a few months of serious illness without too much financial impact.

In case the inability to work becomes long term it is an excellent idea to have income protection cover as well and these two covers are usually combined.

Seek professional help
Just as when you contract any type of illness you seek the help of professional medical practitioners, so it should be with entrusting your wealth matters to a qualified Financial Advisor. Hereford Group advisors are trained to structure a wealth profile that covers every aspect of financial growth in a holistic way which will always include the protection of the wealth you have accumulated when the unexpected occurs.

Talk to us today about ensuring the future you aspire to and keeping you on track, no matter how many times you may get derailed! 


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