Financial planning

Making money is your business – managing and protecting it, is ours. We remove the burden of financial planning and management by partnering with you to devise a customised, holistic financial plan that includes every area of your life from wealth creation to wealth preservation and protection. Additionally, every structure we devise is stress-free, tax-efficient and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Qualified, professional financial planners are available to assist you to achieve long-term financial goals through investments, tax and legal planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning.


The protection of your wealth and creation of financial freedom, is best attained by following this clearly defined financial planning process…

Establishing and defining a professional relationship

Understanding your unique objectives and needs

Analysing and evaluating your financial status

Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations

Implementing the financial planning recommendations

Monitoring and reviewing your financial plan

During the wealth creation phase of your life, focus on asset accumulation, budgeting, estate planning, debt servicing, insurance and assurance. Then when you reach the point where wealth creation is no longer necessary or viable, shift your attention towards wealth preservation. We will help you to manage and transition your portfolio through these life stages to ensure you are allocating your hard-earned money correctly at any given point.


– Michael Dundulakis