Health preservation and financial protection are determined by the choices we make!

Towards the end of April every year we celebrate our Freedom Day. This is a big deal in South Africa as it commemorates the first free and fair elections in which all South Africans could vote held on the 27th of April 1994, exactly 30 years ago. This time reminds us that we now enjoy many personal freedoms including the freedom of choice, and the choices we make in life can be what shape our futures.

This month we also celebrate International Health Awareness Month, reminding us that we should at all times be cognisant of the risks we face and this will affect the choices that we make to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we retain good health and well-being.

Choosing to preserve our health

As wealth experts, we do refer to the health experts on these matters, but in choosing the preservation of our health some of the wise decisions would be to…

  • Exercise regularly and sleep consistently – for at least a half hour a day in the case of the former and a minimum of 6 to 8 hrs a night in the case of the latter
  • Go for regular medical checkups – It is advised that these should be once every second year after the age of 40 and every year from the age of 50. These should include blood tests and any other relevant tests or necessary screenings
  • Live a healthy, preventative lifestyle – Don’t smoke (or vape) and prevent the abuse of alcohol, caffeine and preservatives in food. Maintain a healthy diet – and remember that the key to good living is always maintaining a balance!

Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to preserve our health, accidents can happen and critical illnesses can befall us unexpectedly, but by doing these things we can greatly minimise the damage done and give ourselves a far better chance of faster recovery and survival.

At the same time, if this should happen we need to have made some wise choices regarding the protection of the wealth we have created up to this point as it can severely deplete our financial reserves. So, it appears that both health preservation and financial protection are determined by the choices we make!

Choosing financial freedom

Just as being aware of our health means we need to do constant prevention in the form of lifestyle and exercise as well as regular checkups, choosing financial freedom also means protecting our wealth by being prepared for the worst that can happen.

For you to protect your wealth you need to take cognisance of health risks and protect your income and your family. Some of the ways to do this would be to have your Financial
Advisor put in place…

  • Critical Illness (Disability) cover – This gives you a substantial payout if you suddenly become the victim of several listed critical illnesses which enables you to cover what will probably be greater expenses than those covered by medical aid and gap cover and survive during a normal period of recovery;
  • Income protection – We never know, but the period of being unable to work might become extensive and it is then that you will wish you had included income protection too within your wealth preservation portfolio;
  • Life insurance – Regardless of if you become a victim of critical illness, the reality is that none of us know if our lives may be cut short. Life insurance is the cheapest and best cover you can take to ensure that your family is financially protected should the worst happen – and in some cases, it can also be used in the ‘living years’ towards retirement – or as income protection in the case of disability. Talk to your Financial Advisor about these options.

Hereford Group – the wisest choice

Hereford Group has not been one of South Africa’s top providers of financial growth over the last 30 years for nothing. We are unique in that we understand that every individual and business is different and in accordance with our circumstances we will all make different choices.

We are here to ensure that when it comes to creating wealth you cover all the bases, providing you not only with a better life and a better retirement but most importantly protecting your wealth and your family during your lifetime – and with the legacy you leave.

Yes, health preservation and financial protection are determined by the choices we make, so let us assist you in always making the right ones!


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