Protecting your family takes more than a safety check on your car!

We are currently in the throes of a very busy travel period with many people tagging time onto the Easter weekend and many more that will be taking advantage of the time at the end of the month leading up to the May 1st Worker’s Day celebrations. 

Travel, and motor vehicle travel in particular, as enjoyable as it can be to bung the family into the car and hit the open road, also unfortunately always carries with it a high-risk element. During these times that risk greatly increases and an example of this is that last Easter the road death toll rose a whopping 37% from 184 in 2022 to 252 in 2023!

Facing reality is not negativity

It is a human tendency to ignore such facts and say ‘’well I’m a careful driver so it won’t happen to me’’ but remember that in almost all accidents at least one party was not the cause of the accident but falls victim to it. It is our responsibility therefore, as Financial Advisors, not to be negative but to be realists and to advise our clients that as important as it is to do a checklist before you travel protecting your family takes more than a safety check on your car! 

We advise, therefore, that should you be an accident victim who possibly suffers serious injury that could result in permanent or even temporary disability it is essential to have income protection and disability cover in place. Should you not have this, whatever wealth you have created to that point could be severely drained by costly medical expenses and an extensive period of not earning a salary.

The great benefits of Life cover

For your loved one’s sake, if not for your own, remember that you could also fall victim to a fatal accident so at the very least have Life cover in place. Apart from being the most affordable insurance with the greatest payout for the lowest investment should your life be cut short it has many other benefits too. Some of these are… 

  • Life insurance pays out a lump-sum benefit upon your death, which gives your heirs the necessary funds to cover funeral and other financial expenses and it can replace your income. NB – Be sure to state the beneficiaries though as this can expedite the payout process
  • Life insurance payouts are generally tax-free. Ask your Financial Advisor to ensure that this is the case
  • Life insurance can also have living benefits as certain policies pay out if you develop critical illness and some even provide savings which can contribute to your retirement savings. 

Aspire to protect your family – and your wealth!

We at Hereford Group, with over more than 30 years of providing expert financial advice to thousands of people (many of whom, happily, are still loyal clients), know that life often takes very unexpected turns. It is for this reason that we ensure that within the wealth creation strategies we create the protection of the wealth you have already attained and your family are equally as important as your investment and retirement plans. 

Talk to us today and discover the Hereford Group difference for yourself. What places us head and shoulders above our competition is not just the wide range of financial products we offer – it is the understanding that although every individual and business is unique, certain financial principles remain the same for all. The only thing worse than being a victim – is being an unprepared one!


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