What Dad wants most of all is peace of mind!

Whenever Father’s Day comes around Dads are offered all kinds of gifts in thanks for their parenting (and their bad jokes), everything from socks to a good single malt whiskey, depending on the relative wealth of their wives or children. Whereas all these gifts and the sentiments behind them are readily accepted one wonders if any of Dad’s offspring or spouses realise that there is one thing that Dad wants most of all – and that’s peace of mind!

Yes, it’s true. As a dad, wouldn’t you just like to know that all the things for which Dads are most trusted for, and for which you are most depended upon, were magically taken care of? Well, we can’t wave any wands, but we can offer solutions to what we believe are most of Dad’s greatest concerns. These are…

Ensuring a good future

First and foremost, good Fathers want to ensure that they will have a future that includes a good retirement package and that their children will have good education and financial freedom. These can be achieved by saving and investing with a long-term view and working with a Financial Advisor.

They will ensure that good retirement is achieved by including tax-saving pension plans like Retirement Annuities and additional diverse investments in a wealth portfolio that outstrips inflation and includes savings for your children’s education.

Security against the unexpected

Most Dads would give their eye teeth just to feel secure about the many unexpected things that can, and usually do, happen as we go through life. Economic downturns and critical illness can totally derail all the efforts we have made to create wealth not only for ourselves but to secure the financial future of our families.

Fortunately, we can protect ourselves from such events by ensuring that the right insurance covers like Critical illness and income protection, for example, are also built into our overall wealth profile.

Security beyond life

Sadly, some Dads never get to enjoy the wealth they have created but if they have had a Will legally and professionally drawn up and have worked with Estate Planners to ensure that their wealth will be maximised for their families, they at least have that peace of mind when they pass on.

What’s important for all Dads to know is that even if you never get to create much wealth, Life insurance can ensure your children’s education and your Spouse’s financial freedom at a monthly premium that pretty much everyone can afford. This, therefore, when it comes to creating peace of mind, is a no-brainer!

Work with the experts

Rich Dad, poor Dad, young Dad, or old Dad, it’s never too late to start creating wealth, or at least optimise the wealth you have, to achieve some of your objectives to attain a better future for your family.

Over the last 30 years Hereford Group has managed to build a solid base of satisfied clients through understanding that they are all different and designing solutions to align with their unique circumstances. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

As different as we are, however, some things are common to all of us – and we’re pretty sure that what most Dads will want this, or any other, Father’s Day – is simply peace of mind!


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