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The health of your employees should never be compromised! Independent, objective, and ongoing guidance is critical in a complex private healthcare industry fraught with ever-changing legislation. 

Here are some of the services we offer our Healthcare clients

With an in-depth and independent analysis all the major medical schemes, we evaluate the demographic profile of your medical aid membership, discuss your specific requirements, and prepare the most suitable alternatives for you to consider.

Healthcare Policy Drafting

We encourage all employers to implement and continually update a corporate healthcare policy. We assist your organisation to formulate one and ensure that your management has a clear vision regarding all aspects of healthcare financing, including a proactive HIV/AIDS policy.

Healthcare Policy Drafting

As a specialist healthcare consultancy, we are well positioned to offer advice and help you navigate ever-changing legislations to ensure you are well informed and able to act accordingly.

Medical Aid Committee

With our help and guidance, your committee can assist to ensure a positive approach to healthcare financing, with all parties in your organisation involved and represented.

Member Education

Medical schemes seldom sufficiently educate members. We include all involved parties in the communication process and assist with the choosing of an appropriate benefit option, the understanding of how the medical scheme operates, and how to best manage the usually limited cover.

Ongoing Member Communication

Medical aids traditionally introduce new rates and benefits at the end of the year to take effect in the month of January the following year. We ensure that all members receive appropriate notification and simplified correspondence, as well as the opportunity to attend presentations and one-on-one sessions, should this be required.

Dedicated Care

Should you choose us as your medical aid consultants, we will appoint a dedicated consultant to manage all aspects of service and assistance to your employees. Over and above the member training and assistance with option changes, your consultant can deal with billing issues, the processing of new applications and terminations, problematic claims and any complicated queries that members may have.

Post-Retirement Medical Funding

Medical aid contributions have significant implication during retirement. Utilising a pre-funding calculator, members can calculate this future liability and pre-fund for this expense.


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