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and Group Risk

We have a team of experienced professionals, including actuaries, who can develop and implement the most suitable benefit design strategy and structure. Our solutions are uniquely and independently structured, complemented by the specialist skills of independent professionals.

Administration Services

Hereford Corporate is accredited with all the major administration platforms. This ensures that we are able to provide objective guidance and advice on appropriate administrator appointment relative to costs, fund requirements and demographics.

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Group Risk Services

Hereford Corporate can work with any risk provider. When we are required to act as a broker, we are able to negotiate risk rates and benefit structuring with all the major life companies. Our primary focus is to provide objective guidance and advice on appropriate risk provider appointment aligned with your requirements in terms of costs, benefit structures and demographics.

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Fund Investment Consulting

This service ranges from reporting on fund returns and market trends to investment recommendations specific to your fund. We assist our clients to compile an investment risk profile for their retirement fund and to establish a suitable investment strategy.

Costing Analysis

Costs levied against a retirement fund have the effect of reducing retirement pay-outs to members. Such costs are deducted from recurring contributions and/or investment returns. On an annual basis we will assess the costs associated with your retirement fund and the implication of such on member retirement savings accounts.

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Member one on one financial planning

Besides individualised retirement fund advice, members will have access to financial professionals who are able to assist members set and achieve their long-term financial goals, through investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning.

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Member financial Wellness Workshops

Our financial wellness workshops are geared towards empowering employees with the necessary tools to implement a holistic financial plan and to deal with issues of investment planning, retirement planning and general financial matters.

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