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Hereford Corporate Consultancy is a dynamic division within the Hereford Group specialising in corporate benefits including pension and provident funds and group life benefits. We simplify your business by gaining an in depth understanding of it and implement the specialist skills of our expert team of independent professionals which includes advisers, administrators, and actuaries to create customised solutions for all your businesses’ specific requirements.

Able to provide guidance across all major risk, investment and administration platforms, Hereford Corporate Consultancy is a specialist division providing a wide range of corporate and financial advisory services – adding value via the structuring and implementation of corporate and financial strategies…

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Personal Financial Planning

Business Assurance

Business Assurance cover is a range of risk benefits that help protect your business if a traumatic event disrupts business as usual, such as an essential employee becoming critically ill, disabled, or passing away. In each of these cases, the member is no longer able to perform their normal duties and the business will suffer losses – that’s where Business Assurance cover comes in.

Investment Advice


Through the Hereford Group, both individuals and corporates have access to a premier range of local and offshore services and products, with solutions that are holistically structured to suit their investment needs and objectives.

Estate Planning

Employee benefits

Dedicated to providing quality employee benefit consulting services to organisations of all sizes. We can provide guidance and advice across all the major risk, investment and administration platforms.

Holistic Healthcare

Medical Aid and Gap Cover

To get the right medical aid and gap cover for your staff and yourself.

Investment Advice


Get the right insurance and indemnity cover for your business assets and liabilities.

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