Fathers owe it to their young to protect health and wealth!

There are many celebrations and anniversaries in South Africa in June. Some simply make us aware of important issues like ‘Men’s Health Awareness Month’ and ‘National Cancer Survivor’s Day’ on the 4th, and others like Father’s Day and Youth Day, which both fall this year on the 16th, remind us of who we are and how far we have come.

All these celebrations and anniversaries, however, have something very important in common. They relate to men, many of whom are fathers and their young and the great importance of a father’s responsibility to the young through health awareness and income protection. After all, if a father ends up being critically ill, or worse still dying because of neglecting their health and protecting their income, their young will be severely affected.

Without money, a young person is unlikely to be educated in the manner that they deserve, and this in turn leads to the possibility of fewer job opportunities and a lower income, all of which can impact the rest of their life. It is not fair then to say that fathers owe it to their young to protect their health and wealth!

A two-pronged solution

Exactly how do we go about achieving this then? Well, firstly we can do everything possible to try to diminish our chances of contracting critical illnesses. Prostate cancer for example is a common men’s cancer which can successfully be treated (as National Cancer Survivor’s Day reminds us), but only usually when detected in its early stages. 

This means ensuring you have regular health check-ups and blood tests with a medical professional from the age of 40 – and especially if you detect any of the known symptoms of Prostate cancer.

It’s all about prevention, and although we can’t always prevent dread diseases, this greatly improves our chances.

Life cover and income protection are essential.

The second prong in our two-pronged solution is to ensure that no matter what happens to you, your young will have the best chance in life and there are two ways to do this.

Income protection – On the assumption that if you have contracted a critical illness and you have Dread Disease cover, but this has just covered the extensive medical bills and your illness continues for some time, you need to ensure that your loss of income is replaced with effective income protection. Failing this you will start diminishing the wealth you have created so far and that could affect your young’s education and more.

Life Cover – The most affordable protection for your family, with the highest return, should you unfortunately succumb to your illness, is Life Insurance Cover. It pays out immediately to the stated beneficiaries and can prevent your Spouse and your young from suffering great financial difficulties. 

Hereford Group serves every generation. 

Hereford Group has been around for 30 years now, which means we have simultaneously served some fathers and their offspring as they have come of age to begin their wealth-creation journey. We have also seen the great benefit that our younger clients derived from having a father around and learning about financial discipline from them as they grew. 

Ensuring wealth protection enables your young to be educated and have a chance in life – no matter what. So talk to us today about Life insurance and protecting your wealth – you will never regret it and your young will thank you for it!


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