Have a heart for your young and protect your heart and wealth!

As you know, we at the Hereford Group are by no means medical health experts, however we do know that your health can impact your wealth greatly. Being ‘Men’s Health Awareness Month’ and ironically Father’s Day and Youth Day all in the same month, we are focussing in June on men’s health issues – and how men can protect themselves and their wealth. Why their wealth? Well, if one becomes the victim of a critical illness the financial implications can be massive, and nothing will erode the wealth you have created faster than this type of setback!

So, what happens if we allow our wealth to be diminished? Usually, it is our family and our young who are going to suffer the consequences so, as a father, you have a duty to ensure that you not only do everything you can to prevent critical illness but also ensure that your wealth is protected should it happen to you!

Get a healthy heart with this triple lifestyle bypass…

As it happens, this month we also have been made aware of the importance of heart health during ‘World Heart Rhythm Week’ and this is so crucial to our overall well-being. Apart from the regular annual medicals we should all undergo after the age of 40, what can we do to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle?

  • Eat well to stay at a healthy weight – The first thing Doctors will do after a heart episode is usually change your diet to control cholesterol, blood pressure and weight.
  • Get active and manage stress – A regular exercise programme, consisting of mostly aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, and cycling is essential, and make sure that you take time for stress-relieving activities too.
  • Quit smoking and moderate alcohol intake – So much research has been done to prove the devastating effects of smoking on your heart and health in general that it is incredible that anyone still smokes at all.

…and a triple whammy for income protection

There are also three ways to ensure that if you are struck down with a serious heart issue you are protecting your wealth and your family …

  • Critical Illness Cover – Pays a lumpsum amount usually sufficient to cover extra medical expenses and at least a certain amount of income during the period of an illness that stops you from working for a while.
  • Income Protection – For extended periods of illness that deprive you of your income, it is better to have Income Protection cover as well.
  • Life Cover – This is something that everyone with dependants should have as it is affordable for all and can pay out a substantial sum if your life is unexpectedly cut short.

Consult the professionals 

There is much more to protecting your heart health and your income than the basics we have covered here. Just as you would consult a heart specialist if you had to experience heart issues, you should consult a financial specialist if you wish to know more about income and life protection.

Hereford Group has an expert team of Financial Advisors, highly trained and skilled in their chosen profession and, just as many Doctors believe that helping others is a calling, we too have ‘a heart’ to help all those who wish to protect their health, their wealth and subsequently their young! 

Talk to us today about your specific financial challenges and requirements – and look after that ticker – It is, after all, the only one you have! 


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