The importance of maintaining wellness in the workplace

July is corporate wellness month when we are reminded of the great importance of maintaining wellness in the workplace! Employers and employees alike would agree with this as a constantly ill workforce means poor productivity and a toxic, stressful, unhealthy work environment is not good for maintaining office morale either.

As one observer puts it ‘’Corporate Wellness Month” was created with the very idea of showcasing the importance of maintaining a satisfying work culture and the direct correlation between professional wellness and a happy and stress-free individual.’’ A key factor is solid medical benefits for all employees.

Healthcare solutions

Hereford Group, always seeking better ways for businesses to succeed and create a healthy work culture has devised a range of healthcare solutions for employers which, in summary, include… 

Personalised Analysis – We evaluate the demographic profile of your medical aid membership, discuss your specific requirements and prepare the most suitable alternatives.

Healthcare policy drafting – We assist your organisation to formulate healthcare policies and ensure that your management has a clear vision regarding all aspects of healthcare financing.

Legislation – We help you navigate ever-changing legislation to ensure you are well-informed and can act accordingly.

Forming a medical aid committee – This ensures a positive approach to healthcare financing, with all parties in your organisation involved and represented.

Member education – Assists you in navigating benefit options, understand how the medical scheme operates, and best manage the usually limited cover.

Ongoing member communication – ensuring the ongoing understanding and communication of changes in the medical scheme.

Dedicated care – We appoint a dedicated consultant to manage all aspects of the service and assistance to your employees.

Post-retirement medical funding – Utilising a pre-funding calculator, members can calculate this future liability and pre-fund for this expense.

The Hereford Difference 

The health of your employees should never be compromised! Independent, objective, and ongoing guidance is critical in a complex private healthcare industry fraught with ever-changing legislation. Talk to a Hereford specialist today about how we can assist your business to grow and prosper by maintaining a happy, healthy workforce!


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